A Closed Dialogue

by Stray Ghost



This album largely collects together pieces from the latter half of 2015, and early 2016, with two tracks having been recorded in Burgundy, France in the Spring of 2014.

When working on a new album, there are invariably some tracks which, although they may be beautiful in their own right, will not make it on to the finished album for whatever reason.

This album is a grouping together of some of those pieces, and of some others which have been created specifically for inclusion here.
I hope that this will to stand as a testament to my current trajectory whilst work on the larger album continues, and it will give you all something new to listen to in the meantime.

Please don't think that the quality is in any way below what I would usually release, there's more of a thematic reasoning behind leaving these pieces out of the forthcoming album, and it's nothing to do with their quality.

Regarding the price, I know that £6.50 might seem expensive, but after Bandcamp and Paypal have taken their share of that, I get left with just over £4, and I rely on the revenue from my albums to enable me to continue making music.

If you think about what else would cost you £6.50 in the world today, I hope you'll think that my valuation of my hard work is just.

Thanks for struggling through with me, and thank you for the support.



released February 27, 2016

All music and production by Anthony Baden Saggers

Special thanks to:
Claire Baujard & Baujard family,
Maya & Josette,
Ruairi Condra,
David and Mattias at 1631,
Jamie Gillett,
Mr. Expatolo, Jakob Brant
and Mr. Jake Sheppard.



all rights reserved


Stray Ghost Brighton, UK

Stray Ghost is the artist name of the English composer Anthony Saggers. He has released music through the record labels, Hidden Shoal, Time Released Sound, Analogpath, Highpoint Lowlife, Dead Pilot (sleep tight) and Phantom Channel.

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