Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise (Expanded Archive Edition)

by Stray Ghost



This is a re-release for two scarcely available E.Ps which originally came out in 2008 and 2009, with a large selection of unreleased tracks from the same period.


I recently noticed that one of my early E.Ps "Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise" (2009) had not seen the light of day for many years, and was nowhere to be found other that in various little forgotten corners of the net, where any revenue would most likely be eaten up by Apple inc.

I know that there exist a few Stray Ghost fans out there who like to have everything in their collection, and I think this is an interesting release as it was one of the first which began to point away from the darker, noise filled worlds of my very early albums and towards something a little lighter and more spacious.

The titles were in French for the first time, as it was inspired by my first stay in Paris, which would later be my home for a few years.


I have also included the E.P "A House of Gold and Oak", a long form piece from my days of drone-based obsessions, and have dug out the best remnants from that era which never saw the light of release in any way shape or form for whatever reason.

I seem to remember working on these whilst waiting for the completed Nothing, but Death to be released; but by the time I started working on the follow-up I had either grown tired of hearing these or felt that they didn't fit the aesthetic. Friends of mine from the Canterbury years will remember some of these I'm sure.

I feel that the music here is a nice testament to a different stage in my evolution as a composer, altogether more ambient than my recent work; although I can hear the later Stray Ghost albums in there somewhere waiting to burst out.

Putting this together has been a nice process of re-discovering music I had forgotten, or had only vague memories of....and it's showed me how much I have improved my musicianship and knowledge of production techniques over the years, despite feeling that I had stagnated.

It's also been a great lesson for me in how we evolve over time and can never rest on our accomplishments, because the next attempt will always be built on the laurels of the former and can always reach greater heights.

I have re-mastered the original E.Ps and accompanying tracks slightly, but not so much as to spoil their original character, flaws and all.

Original artwork for the E.Ps and a small press release from the time are included.


released October 6, 2016

All music and production by Anthony Baden Saggers

Produced in Canterbury, UK and Paris, FR between 2008 and 2010.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in that crazy circle of friends, lovers and acquaintances in Canterbury and Paris between 2008 and 2010, we sure lived like there was no tomorrow, and maybe we were right.

Much love to those who were Bardo Thodol, this was our time.

Many thanks also to Cam at Hidden Shoal and Micky at Phantom Channel for their support during this period of my life, and for the original releases.




all rights reserved


Stray Ghost Brighton, UK

Stray Ghost is the artist name of the English composer Anthony Saggers. He has released music through the record labels, Hidden Shoal, Time Released Sound, Analogpath, Highpoint Lowlife, Dead Pilot (sleep tight) and Phantom Channel.

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