So Much To Remember, So Much To Forget

by Stray Ghost

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brantly The best way to spend a long, rainy fall evening is with this double album of gorgeous neo-chamber / classical pieces. Melancholy and reflection never tasted so good with low-lights and a double Laphroaig neat! Favorite track: I Know You Are A White Bird.
roel funcken
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roel funcken The light-toned, often sullen-stringed album is reminiscent of Nils Frahm’s 2012 Screws, focusing on the repetitive, soft touches on the piano without an overt flair for the dramatics.While comparisons are often shrugged, Stray Ghost’s new album merges the sublimeness you’d expect out of an Arvo Pärt’s composition with the simplicity and melodic flow of Nils Frahm’s atmospheric piano pieces, along with the modernity in emotional aptitude from more commercial composers such as Helios. Favorite track: The Hardest Choice To Make Is The Right One (Disc 2).
Shaeffer O'Toole
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Shaeffer O'Toole So mellow it helps me through those sleepless nights. You will love this is you like classical genre, but like it anyway...very good vibe. Favorite track: The Hardest Choice To Make Is The Right One (Disc 2).


This album is the culmination of over four years work, it grew and grew until it was eventually cut down to two discs worth of music.

It began life in Canterbury, UK, back in 2010...lived with me for three years through many ups and downs in Paris, FR...and now finds its final form in Brighton, UK.

During that time it underwent many different edits and track-listings, eventually sprawling out over numerous hours. The process of cutting out all of the pieces of music which were not conclusive to an overall sense of harmony and completeness took over a year, with new pieces being introduced up until the final months.

It's now been reduced to two discs worth of music; and I believe that each track here deserves its place, and that even the full running time is justified by a sense of thematic completeness.

Each disc is a complete work in-itself, but they form two halves of a whole; the first disc beginning with childhood, and the second disc ending with death.

The concept behind the album has always been to evoke the entirety of moments which make up a person's lifetime; from childhood through to death, remembered at the end of life through their memories and nostalgic sentiments; just as the moments are soon to be forever forgotten.

There is always so much to remember in our lifetime, and that will always be so much to forget when the time comes to lose those memories to death.


Due to the length of time it took to finish the album, I have myself forgotten, remembered and sometimes lost the memory of writing the music itself, and so for me too the album speaks of moments in my own life which have now passed, all of which which recall different places, people and times I have lived.

I feel that this is, for now, the most complete realisation of my aims as a musician and artist, and I would recommend that anyone looking to purchase a Stray Ghost album should begin here.

This album is dedicated to many people:

Neil Saggers, John Saggers, Jim Smith, Clara Manco, Jacob Brant, Ruairi Condra and Claire Baujard.

Thank you all for your inspiration, support and love.


For a long-time, the album was due to be released through a label, but now in the interests of preserving the form in which I believe the album must be presented, I have chosen to self-release it; as having it released in its two disc form is something which didn't sit well with the label.

If you bought the "pre-order" CDs, please contact me at for an update, many thanks.


released May 6, 2014

All music written, composed, performed and produced by Anthony Saggers.



all rights reserved


Stray Ghost Brighton, UK

Stray Ghost is the artist name of the English composer Anthony Saggers. He has released music through the record labels, Hidden Shoal, Time Released Sound, Analogpath, Highpoint Lowlife, Dead Pilot (sleep tight) and Phantom Channel.

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